​The production of sustainable landscapes and water conserving growing products is our mission. As good stewards, we believe sustainable soil production is our environmental, social and economic responsibility. 


Our USGA COMANCHE with COFFEE Sports Turf Products, Rejuvenate, and Good Medicine Compost Difference:

Our input of raw materials (Coffee, Tea, Yogurt, &  Alfalfa ) used to create our superior COMANCHE with COFFEE, Rejuvenate and Good Medicine Compost products, coupled with our innovative microbiological inoculants and proprietary composting practices, produce superior end products.  Through this process, Ammonia (NH3) is converted into Ammonium (NH4+) by the enzymes created from the microbes as they metabolize and convert organic material into stable humus, while optimizing colonization of end product with specific strains of Fungi and Bacteria for maximum performance.  Lab results have shown Mayer end products contain unusually high levels of specific beneficial microbes, an acidic pH, and a diverse range of nutrients and trace minerals.  


MAYER is a horticulture and turfgrass growing products company that manufactures proven solutions for professionals.                



Our Products:


Our custom soilless blends and turfgrass mixes are individually designed to provide optimal qualities for different needs. Whether you're a sports turf, nursery, landscape architect or professional grower client, our solutions will work for you.

Grow Beautiful.  Grow Healthy.  Grow with MAYER.

Our customers have seen their turfgrass thrive, root growth increased, advanced flowering and natural disease resistance using MAYER. Current studies in progress with Florida State University &  Texas A & M University to further understand why it works so well.

Our USGA COMANCHE Sports Turf Products, Rejuvenate, and Good Medicine Compost  Soilless Blends, Rootzone Mixes and Amendments:

Our proprietary composting process utilizes a scientific and highly controlled approach to create a living, consistent, weed & pathogen free, fertile and healthy product.  The engineered microbiology formulas we use to inoculate our compost inputs and outputs is the secret to producing our unparalleled products.  Our premium blends and turfgrass mixes are designed to maximize soil life, plant fertility & health, and water conservation using sustainable, natural and organic practices. We design products that produce desired results. Come visit our production facility to learn more.

Our COMANCHE, GEOJAVA & GOOD MEDICINE  products are unlike any other. Our premium ingredients: Pure Coffee Grounds, Coffee Chaff, Tea, & Alfalfa and our formulated microbiology are what make our composts unique. These acidic, living, quality composts are the foundation for all of our products.

 USGA COMAND Topdressing   

  • Planters Mix 
  • Raised Bed & Garden Mix
  • MP Container & Color Change Series
  • Potting Mix 
  • Azalea Mix
  • ​Premium Topsoil
  • Lava & Green Sand
  • Mulch Products
  • Structural Soils
  • Rooftop Mixes​